Frequently Asked Questions

To login  to the website:


1. Select login from the main menu.

2. Enter your user name and password and select the login button.




How do I add content?

To create content Login the website using the instruction above then:

1. Select my workbench menu.

2. Select the type of content type you would like to add.

3. Create the type of content by typing your title and content.

4.  Select the category or topic, enter a revision message, then select moderation state of needs review, then select save to submit the content to be reviewed for publishing. If the moderation state draft is selected and saved the content will remain as a draft and will not be reviewed and published.


Users create different content types and Nologist publishes them to the web these content then generate advertising revenue based on how often they are used.

Login to your account. Select My Message Link. On the My messages screen select Write new Message. In the to field type user, in the subject field type the subject of your message and in the body type message. Press send to send message

To Delete a sent message Login to your account. Select the My Messages Link then select the sent messges tab in the list of messages. In the List of messages check the messages you would like to delete then select delete.